What we do


What We Do

Our chocolate creations are made right here in Kapiti using the talents and experience of our innovative and professional team.  We really listen to our customers and create what they want and need, combining one of the world’s finest chocolate with the best locally sourced flavours and fillings to deliver packaged creations that make people feel special and we’re focused on providing sustainable options for our customers.


Who We Are

Our chocolate confectioners have over 60 years of combined experience in making chocolates. They know their chocolate and are passionate about delivering quality products to our customers.  

Sarah and James Abaniel purchased the factory in May 2018. They both love chocolate as do their 2 young children. They’re passionate about keeping this icon of Kapiti going.

In 2020, we purchased Kako Chocolates and relocated the factory from Auckland to Kapiti.  This included the ability to make embossed chocolates, the Artisan Kako Chocolate range and the subscription chocolate service – My Chocolate Box.


Our History

The chocolate factory has been at the site in Raumati for over 30 years.  Originally started in Featherston by Lenore Nysse, in 1992, her son, Steve Nysse brought the operation over to Kapiti under the name Nyco Chocolates.

Known for its colourful exterior and the large familiar model train in the factory shop, many Wellingtonians and Kapiti Coasters have fond memories of visiting the factory in their childhood

Nyco Chocolates was bought by Chocolate Brown in 2017 and then sold to Sarah and James and rebranded to Kapiti Chocolate Factory.  Even though it has had a few changes in name and ownership, many of the old recipes and favourites are still made on site today and some of the staff have been there since the first years of operation.

In 2020, we acquired Kako Chocolates and moved the operations from Auckland to the site in Kapiti.  This expanded our capabilities in branded chocolates and added a premium range of chocolate confections to our repertoire.